Tools and Supplies for Intermediate Leatherwork



Introduction: Tools and Supplies for Intermediate Leatherwork


Here are all the tools you'll need for the specific kind of leatherwork we will be doing in this class. You will be continuing to use most of the tools you used in Beginning Leatherwork, but you will need some additional supplies as well. You can buy your tools individually, or you can also choose to buy a leatherworking toolkit。我将在一分钟内具体地讨论每个工具和材料。



Step 1: Know Your Tools

There are many online resources for buying leather and leather tools, and depending on where you live, you may even have a local leather supplier. There are a surprising 108Tandy Leatherstores located across North America, and quite a few local independent stores as well. Leatherworking requires some initial investment in tools, there's just no getting around it. Here's some information about each of the basic tools we'll be using. To see some of the more specialized tools, check out the皮革加工百科全书在这节课的最后。

X-Acto Knife-一种便宜易用的皮革切割工具,非常适合细节,但不适合切割非常厚的皮革。确保你有很多额外的刀片。

皮革剪- I prefer these semi-serrated Olfa shears for cutting leather. They always stay sharp and are great for cutting out small patterns in thin to medium leather.

切割轮- 与金属尺和切割板一起使用时,在皮革中切割长直线的好方法,而不是必不可少的工具,而是用于切割肩带。


缝槽机- marks sewing lines by creating grooves a consistent distance from leather edges. Not an essential tool but a very useful one, especially when you are sewing stiffer leather like what we are using for the wallet.


Skiver- thins leather in select areas by shaving off layers with a razor blade. Useful for removing bulk when you are layering thick pieces together.


Hammer- sometimes you do need a metal hammer for leatherwork though, folding, setting rivets etc, it's a good idea to have one around.

Mini Anvil-小铁砧很有用,但也很可爱,当你需要时,它会给你一个稳定的坚硬表面,帮助你打孔,在尴尬的地方设置卡扣和铆钉。

Quartz- a smooth solid base for stamping and punching. If you don't want to spend the money to get one of these a salvaged paving stone, slab of hardwood or steel will work too.



手动冲床- individual punches that create holes when hit with a mallet on a punching surface. Not as convenient to use as a rotary punch, but they can make holes in hard to reach places and come in more sizes. Sets with interchangeable heads are the most economical.


Diamond Stitching Chisels- pronged punches designed to create evenly spaced sewing holes. Available with different prong spacing and prong numbers. Sets with interchangeable heads are the most economical if you want spacing options.


Waxed Thread-手工缝制皮革的线通常相当厚,经常上蜡,以帮助它从解开。在这堂课上,你需要一些人来缝袋子。

Overstitch Wheel-作为一种标记工具,用来排列针距和在纸上标记图案边缘。它也可以在缝线上运行,以帮助收紧它们。我有一个可互换的头部有不同的间距。不是必要的工具,但非常有用。

Stitching Pony-保持您的皮革项目稳定,而你鞍缝。一个伟大的工具,如果你想尝试掌握两针鞍缝。你也可以做你自己的以下this Instructable

Leather Contact Cement-皮革胶水,适用于两个表面。

双面胶带- narrow tape with a strong adhesive on both sides that is used to adhere leather together. Comes in permanent and re-positionable varieties


铆钉- simple two part metal fasteners used to join layers of leather together. Available in different sizes and finished. Some varieties can simply be set with a hammer, others require specialized setting tools.

Rivet Setter- tool use to set certain types of rivets, usually two metal parts used with a mallet.

快照- Simple metal closures that are set into leather much like rivets. Snaps consist of 4 parts: the cap and the socket, and the post and the stud, and each pair it attached using a specialized setting tool.


Buckles- a type of metal or plastic hardware used to create adjustable connections on leather straps.

Rings- metal loops of various shapes and sizes used as connection points in leather projects.

Step 2: Materials for Each Project


Small Bag:

硬件for one bag: one3/4“中心杆扣, two3/4“D环, one行20 snap还有一些中小型的快速铆钉在你选择的终点

车身真皮: a piece of 3-5 oz leather at least 24" x 24" per bag. Your best bet is probably flexible upholstery or chap leather leather. Any of these would be good choices:Distressed brown upholstery chap,Brown heavy side,黑色摩托小子,破猪皮

Leather for the straps:一块稍硬且较厚的5-8盎司皮革,至少12英寸x 6英寸(这可能是您用于钱包的相同皮革,甚至是旧皮带)。这些都是不错的选择:Austin Double Shoulder,拉蒂戈侧,Meza双肩,Warrior Double Shoulder


硬件:one 1" buckle, two1“D戒指,还有一些中小型的快速铆钉在你选择的终点

身体: a piece of the same flexible 3-5 oz leather at least 36" x 24"

Straps: a piece of the same stiffer 5-8 oz leather at least 38" x 6"

Shaped Hip-Belt Variation:

硬件: one1 1/4" buckle, two第20行捕捉,还有一些中小型的快速铆钉在你选择的终点

Leather:从您的小包中取出更多相同的皮革,至少30“x 24”


皮革:从您的小包中取出更多皮带皮革,至少12英寸x 24英寸

硬件: one 1 1/2" - 3"O型环, 4第20行捕捉,还有一些中小型的快速铆钉在你选择的终点



Step 3: Let's Get to Work!


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