Warhammer Like 3d Print a Building / Obstacle / Scenery for Mini Figure Games




Introduction: Warhammer Like 3d Print a Building / Obstacle / Scenery for Mini Figure Games

My son has just discovered Warhammer and really enjoys it, unfortunately he has also discovered how costly little pieces of plastic can be. So having a 3D printer I suggested that I design and print him some scenery. This instructable is part of my first attempt.


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Step 1: Initial Searches

There are a couple of sites you can use to search for free STL files for printing, examples are:

  • Thingiverse
  • youmagin.
  • Grabcad
  • Yeggi.

要查找更多Google STL下载网站的列表,您的第一个结果应该是35个最佳网站的列表。

This is great for most print jobs, however there seems a shortage of files for the type of game my son is interested in.

Step 2: Enter Sketchup

Sketchup is a great 3d design program and has now gotten better with the introduction of the online version also free to use我在线跳过

这是我用来创建本指南的打印。- 作为一个在线版本,它确实有一些限制,可下载的Sketchup制作,但仍然有足够的工具来使其成为一个非常有用的工具。

Sketchup download file

Step 3: Design

Once logged into the application you can start building straight away as the initial screen is the design window.


It was to be a ruined building so I decided to make each level small in size making it look as though more of the building had been blown away as you move upwards. I also concentrated on the corner, this resulted in three floor sections all designed around the corner, and meant that my son could either have them stacked as the whole structure or arrange them so that the three stayed at ground level forming three corners of a ruin giving plenty of cover for his forces in a Warhammer battle.

Who am I kidding - it also meant I got to play around with sketch up and the 3d printer a lot more (fun for all)

Rather than upload just the STL files here I have also uploaded the Sketchup files to the 3d warehouse so you can download them and have a play yourselves.

Step 4: Printing and Issues

I started printing the STL files as soon as I had finished the first one (the smaller - top level) this printed great and gave me confidence to print the remaining levels - this did not go to plan.


This is one of the draw backs of the online version - no x-ray view, so I had to export the Sketch up file and use the PC make version to correct the errors. I did this by using the stl correction tools available on the sketch up extension warehouse to identify the areas where the flaws where and then used x-ray view to remove and or add new lines, sometimes having to remove a small section then clean the lines and re-add the section. The occasionally exporting the file to STL to see if the flaws had really been fixed when the file was sliced ready for printing. The result is a model that required a small amount of cleanup when printed, but works well for what my son will put it through.

如果您看一下上面的图像 - 在红色图像上 - Ive旋转错误,可见略微蓝色的点和线条。这些必须在将文件切片打印之前纠正,或者您最终使用灰色图像和模型,具有缺失的详细信息,因为您可能会告诉这些文件不会正确打印。

Step 5: Finishing the Scene


A good point here is that you dont have to wait until one coat is dry before adding the next, its sometimes better to do most of your painting wet - that way the colours can blend in a little - this makes for a much better effect and finished look.

Step 6: STL Print Files

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    Question2 years ago

    I was wondering which 3D printer you use. I am impressed by the quality of the prints.


    2 years ago

    what would you estimate your cost of filament was to make these (is it cost efficient to print the scenery or is it cheaper to buy the prefabbed scenery) ?


    Reply 2 years ago

    So yes compared to shop bought plastic scenery its definitely cost effective to create your own unique designs and print them yourself
    Just take care in buying the plastic it tends to vary in price between suppliers, but even at £20 for a roll its cheap


    Reply 2 years ago

    definitely a huge savings. well done.


    Reply 2 years ago

    Thank you